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Sample of the Chashitsu


Sample of the Entrance

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The Chashitsu is the small house which is built in the part of garden. Then enjoy green tea with quiet environment.

To live long, we recommend you Japanese life style. Do you wish to build a Chashitsu in your garden ? It's not difficult as you worry about. Construction work will be prepared by yourself but a builder can work under the guidance of the Japanese architect.Currently in Japan, it is very hard to have the Chashitsu due to small land. Now it is time to be an owner of the ultimate luxury.

Now we introduce you the our designed Chashitsu named "Cho-sei-an". The "Cho-sei-an" is special designed for a person who wish to have wonderful and beautiful life. The small house but includes huge space like the cosmos. Please read the below description of the "Cho-sei-an". To see the blueprints of the "Cho-sei-an", please click here.

cho : means "long"

sei : means "live"

an : means "hermitage"

Only few people can get the "Cho-sei-an" , then you can relax with elegant environment.

The detail estimation will be decided by your location. The below price is just a example.

ONLY 61,454 US $ !

Now you have a chance to compare with the BMW740i !

To see the detail cost table, click here please.

If you need more detail info., please send an e-mail to


  • After your order, all of materials will arrive about 70 days after.

  • Please start your foundation work before 30days arriving the Japanese materials.

  • At the ceremony of putting up the ridgepole, need to hold a meeting with the Japanese architect.

  • The homepage of the architect, Fumihiko Kozakai ,is ;